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Soap Chips! Raw Goat's Milk Soap Babies - 56 gm / 2 oz

Soap Chips! Raw Goat's Milk Soap Babies - 56 gm / 2 oz

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Soap chips are teensy tiny soaps made for single use when you're out and about! Each chip is enough soap for you and a friend, and there's approximately 35 chips per bag. The bags are waterproof, and great for putting in your purse or backpack. Your friends will be jealous.

Gone are the days when you had to use the random pink washroom soap at the mall. No longer will you be subjected to the dryness that comes with the white soap that smells like a musty old store. 

The teensy soap chips are made with raw goat's milk, coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, and any/all of the addivites in the FAQ pages. I make them at random, so I cannot guarantee any additives. 


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The photos represent a soap similar to the one you will receive.
Our soaps are "naked packaged" with thick paper, we use as little plastic as possible and utilize recyclable materials wherever possible.

When you receive your order, your soap with be individually wrapped in tissue paper to keep it safe, and the box is taped with gummed kraft paper. Occasionally, the box might be a re-used box.