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This balm is good for everything! It's vegan, and free of coconut oil. 

The consistency is soft, it melts on contact, and unlike the body butter, it isn't whipped. It's a traditional balm and can be used on lips, face, body, tattoos, cuticles - absolutely everywhere. 

Please note that due to the shea butter content, there is a chance that the balm can turn "grainy". It's simply due to slow temperature fluctuations, and it can be used as is. Alternatively, you can always scoop it out, melt it down (double boiler or microwave), pour it back in and pop it right into the freezer! There are no essential oils in the product, and it is safe to use your everyday dishes for this method.

The butters are all excellent skin protectors and moisturizers, but the real hero is the jojoba oil. It's a plant oil that very closely mimics the human body's sebum. In non estheticial terms - it's very similar to the oils your body produces. The candelilla wax is a plant wax that not only helps bind all of the other ingredients, it adds some stiffness and provides hydration and acts as a barrier for your skin.


Ingredients: shea butter, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, kokum butter, and candelilla wax.