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Beaver County Soap Co.

Seconds Bag - 10oz+of Handmade Artisanal Soap

Seconds Bag - 10oz+of Handmade Artisanal Soap

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Each order has a mininum of 10oz (283 grams, or over 1/2 a pound) of soap. In each order there will be a collection of styles, types, sizes, and bases. The soap is perfect raw goat's milk and/or coconut milk soap, with any of the additives and botanicals that I use. Each package has over 3x the amount of soap as a commercially produced product, and the soaps are packaged in a muslin bag.

Due to the nature of this listing, it will be a random assortment. There may or may not be full bars, and every slide of soap is perfect in every soapy way - it just happens to be an end piece of the loaf.

None of the soaps contain micas, titanium dioxide, fragrance oil, or palm oil.

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The photos represent a soap similar to the one you will receive.
Our soaps are "naked packaged" with thick paper, we use as little plastic as possible and utilize recyclable materials wherever possible.

When you receive your order, your soap with be individually wrapped in tissue paper to keep it safe, and the box is taped with gummed kraft paper. Occasionally, the box might be a re-used box.