Seconds Bag - seconds, uglies, miscuts, ends, pieces. 10oz+ of discounted raw goat's milk and coconut milk soap!
Seconds Bag - seconds, uglies, miscuts, ends, pieces. 10oz+ of discounted raw goat's milk and coconut milk soap!
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Seconds Bag - seconds, uglies, miscuts, ends, pieces. 10oz+ of discounted raw goat's milk and coconut milk soap!
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Seconds Bag - seconds, uglies, miscuts, ends, pieces. 10oz+ of discounted raw goat's milk and coconut milk soap!

Seconds Bag - seconds, uglies, miscuts, ends, pieces. 10oz+ of discounted raw goat's milk and coconut milk soap!

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Each order has a mininum of 10oz (283 grams, or over 1/2 a pound) of soap. In each order there will be a collection of styles, types, sizes, and bases. The soap is perfect raw goat's milk and/or coconut milk soap, with any of the additives and botanicals that I use. Each package has over 3x the amount of soap as a commercially produced product. 

Due to the nature of this listing, it will be a random assortment. There may or may not be full bars included. These bits and bobs are great for travel/purse/backpack soaps.

None of the soaps contain micas, titanium dioxide, fragrance oil, or palm oil.

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Sheeraja S.
Canada Canada
Seconds soap bag- love your soaps!

I try to review skincare products only after I’ve used them for a while and since I’ve been using April’s soaps for over a month now I figured it’s time for a review. Firstly, I’ve always been a bath and body works and have strongly preferred liquid soaps all my life, so when I made the decision to try to switch to bar soaps to be more sustainable and ecofriendly 6 months ago, it was just a tentative decision, a temporary trial to see if things would work out. To say the least, I was a little bit disappointed by the all-natural cold process soaps I tried from other makers. I found them to be too lightly scented and not moisturising enough. Those makers I had purchased from made lovely soap with amazing reviews. so I figured that me not liking them was a “me” problem where maybe all- natural bar soaps were not working out for me since I was used to showering with bath and body works-esques soaps for the longest times. However, I decided to give the ****** county soaps a chance to try a fully locally made product and boy am I glad that I did because I think I may finally found all natural bar soaps that works for me! April’s products are fragrant- much more fragrant then other natural soaps I’ve seen in the market which often to be very subtly scented. They smell great in the shower and the scent actually clings to my skin after my shower which is so rare for naturally scented soaps! I got to try a wide variety of scents with the mystery bag and I have to say that I really do love the scent profiles of April’s soaps which are not overly floral or herbal smelling, but smell great! I would really love it if the scent was even stronger than they already are but that’s just me because I truly love fragrant smelling soaps. But the real game changer about April’s soaps is the intense moisturization they provide! April’s soaps are only the natural soaps that I know that do use water as an additive, but only use coconut milk/goat’s milk as base! These means they provide an amazing creamy and rich lather, that is so incredibly moisturising and cannot paralleled by soaps that use water as an additive in their base. April’s soaps feel so luxurious against my skin! And they absolutely work because I no longer have dry, scaly skin even though we are in midst of an Edmontonian winter and I have been on Accutane for the past few months! That is beyond amazing to me because I have always had dry skin the whole time I’ve been in Edmonton ( summer or winter) despite using moisturisers and I figured that was something that I just have to deal with. Top that with using Accutane, I had basically resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have very dry, scaly skin this winter no matter what I did because none of the moisturisers/soaps were working for me. So I am beyond shocked that April’s products have allowed me to have soft, non-scaly skin against all the odds, possibly for the first time in an Edmonton winter over the three years I’ve been here. I use her soaps, in combination with random body lotion, followed by her solid lotion bars to seal the moisture in every time I take a shower and it guarantees that my skin stays soft and supple till my next shower. Her soaps definitely last! This mystery bag definitely will last me for 3-4 months. The only thing I will say is that since her soaps have a milk base, they seem to be more soft than typical cold process soaps (which makes them feel great against your skin in the shower), so you would need a super well-draining soap dish to ensure her soaps do not become overly gooey. Even when used with the soap dish offered on this website, I do find that her soap can get fairly gooey on the side that is in contact with the soap dish. However, I use a far more well draining soap dish that ensures that the soap is well-aerated on all sides and that ensures her soaps remain dry and don’t become gooey. All in all, I am impressed with April’s products and can’t wait to buy more!

Bev W.
Canada Canada
Lovely soaps

Great! Can’t wait to try them all. Very happy with all the different soaps. April is extremely talented. Glad I saw ad on Instagram. Already placed a second order.

Holly H.
Canada Canada
Never judge a book by it's cover :)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these soaps! These are great soaps for people that prefer a lighter scent...I kind of wish they were stronger personally but they last, are smooth and luxurious!!

Leah F.
Canada Canada
Always add on a Seconds!

I will literally never buy soap from anyone else again. I love supporting someone from my home province! My brother and I are obsessed with this brand and usually end up getting at least one seconds bag with each order. Huge amount of soap for what you pay for it, at least 50% more than other companies!

Kerri M.
Canada Canada
Amazing product!

I love the eco-friendly idea of using up soap ends and you also get to try out a bunch of different scents. They feel and smell wonderful!