What's Next!

I have a million ideas rolling around in my brain at all times. It's why I also do business consulting - I love a challenge and I love new ideas.

I am expanding my product line. I am an esthetician (well, I have my diploma). I never worked in a spa, as it turns out I am not a fan of touching strangers. At all.

All of this is to say that I have knowledge of the skin, and what I like to use to treat problems. The shave soaps that I make are formulated to provide a smooth shaving experience and help with razor burn. The best way to combat razor burn is with a mechanical exfoliant right before, and gently after shaving. You can use any ol' soap for shaving, I'm just told that my shave bars are the best. 

Next up: bath melts and shower steamers. Bath melts are made with rich butters and oils for a super smooth bathing experience. Shower steamers are like a bath bomb, but on the floor of your shower. 

There are about 15 other items that I am working on, and perfecting. I want to make note of items I will not be producing: shampoo bars (but I am formulating scalp soaps), perfumes, liquid lotions, and liquid masks. 

Until next time!


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