What's Happening

What's Happening


The past few weeks have been absolutely insane. My husband was hospitalized with liver toxicity due to his new (and now) discontinued medication, and is on the mend. I also have a heart condition that I am trying to control, but it puts me out for a day here and there. That's life, and it's why I'm so fortunate to be self employed.

I am now in the process of being in 4 stores see here, and I am trying to make enough stock for the holiday rush.

Every day, I am shocked at how busy I am getting, and seeing the upwards trajectory of my store. I only have 1 consulting client left, who I will keep forever. I am living, breathing, and eating this little business and this is an absolute dream. I can't thank everyone enough for your incredible support and belief in me. 

I'm feeling super grateful after how the past few weeks have been, and it's all mushy over here!


Remember to take care of yourselves!




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