The Holidaze

I am feeling super burnt out, but in the best way. I am in shock as how busy it's been in my little store, and I keep selling out. This is the best problem in the world and I am eternally grateful for every single order. I went from not knowing how to keep us going (the husband can't work and we don't have benefits) and living off of credit cards, to being able to actually pay my mortgage and buy food with the money that soap brings.

This is what it means when they say small business owners do a happy dance with every purchase. With my husband's brain disability and refractory grand mal seizures and violent postictal state, I have to work from home (and obviously he can't work). I was a small business consultant and bookkeeper in a previous life, but with life my anxiety has spun out of control. I am medicated, and I knit when it gets bad, but I found myself unable to work at that capacity anymore.

All of those words to say "holy crap, what an amazing season". I supplied the Edmonton Opera with staff gifts. I had many people purchase whole loaves for their employees and family/friends. All the while the messages I receive about how the soap I make has changed their lives. It's humbling, and I had no idea that this would end up being so amazing and inspiring.

I have 1 more drop in the shop before the holidays, in order to make delivery dates for everyone. I have so. many. soaps. Hundreds are almost cured and ready to go up, so this Friday's drop is going to be my biggest drop yet. I'm so excited.

I hope everyone is staying safe. Thank you all for shopping small for your loved ones this season - it makes a difference to the individuals and to your local economies. 

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