So, so personal

I'm sorry - I want to be able to make posts about soap and butters and all the reasons why you're here. Videos and photos will be coming soon, it has just been a little bonkers.

With my husband's latest bout of seizures, his epileptologist has decided it's time to admit him, take him off of his meds, watch him seize, and determine if he's a candidate for brain surgery. As in.... remove part of his brain. I never thought I'd hope that someone would go in and do such a thing, but here we are. We found this out today.

That's a lot to process. Later today, I found out my dad is in the ICU (I live in Alberta, my family lives in Vancouver) because he was in ketoacidosis. My blood pressure is so high and I'm often tachycardic. It's been somewhat determined that it's due to anxiety.

Covid hasn't changed a lot for me, I work from home because I have to be home for my husband's safety. With or without Covid, I can't do markets. He must be supervised at all times. I have to be in the bathroom with him when he showers. But when things open up again, and they can finally determine what is actually happening and how they can fix it (or if this is just something we have to live with), I cannot wait to go back to markets and speak with real live people. 

I don't know if anyone reads these, and certainly not until the end of my boring posts. If you made it this far, leave a comment and let me know!

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