Saying Hello to the Second Half of 2022

I haven't been keeping up on updates or my thoughts and meanderings. A lot has happened in my life recently, including homing my ill husband and taking on bookkeeping clients again. Without my full-time caregiving duties, I am able to make additional income again doing what I've been trained to do (outside of esthetics).

I have sadness and pain dealing with the changes, but I am also looking towards the future. Life is filled with no shortness of curveballs, and I am doing my darndest to keep my head up and move forward.

I am excited to work with other companies again - having the ability to leave the house and chat with people is something that I didn't realize I was missing in my life. My goal for the second half of 2022 is to work as much as possible and make this company as successful as I can. Unfortunately, without the additional income I am unable to grow this little business as it's still very small and I remain a one-woman operation.

I will continue to make soap and self-care products to share with you folks, and I am so very happy to have the opportunity to continue to do so. Thank you for your never ending support - it means the whole world to me!



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