Well, it happened! My friend moved into the spare room in my basement, she will likely be here until the new year. This is good news, as my husband had a cluster of 4 tonic-clonic seizures last week, and was hospitalized for a few days while they adjusted his medication.

His postictal state has always been long, but now it's violent and he has to be sedated by paramedics. It's so dangerous, and as such we had to pull out of the Superflea. Luckily, my friend was able to help me with the dogs while I held him back from hurting himself until help came and we could get him down. Honestly, the worst part isn't the seizures, it's what comes after.

I was supposed to be in the city that day, luckily something told me to wait. I don't know what would happen to him if I wasn't home when they happen. He's safe, warm, and happy. He's the nicest person I've ever known, and he doesn't deserve what his brain is putting him through. I know no one deserves it, but he especially doesn't. 

So many people offered to do my deliveries while he was in the hospital, which is just amazing. I can't believe that this is what I do for a living; I can stay home and take care of my husband (I'm an assisted caretaker), do what is fun, and I am surrounded by the most amazing and supportive people. We count our blessings every day, and feel so fortunate. Even when it gets shitty and scary.


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