Hello to my very few readers.

I have been actively taking a break from social media to regroup my brain. That being said, it has affected my income so I'm back in full-force. I need to eat!

I have some health issues that need to be addressed when I'm overwhelmed, and social media plays a big part in that for me. I took a good 6 months off and I'm feeling rejuvenated and ready to go. A couple of months ago I went and dropped a huge amount of money of supplies to restock and refresh - now it's time for my releases and my hard work to shine again.

It's been over a year since my husband left to go to the facility; it's been a strange journey for me. I'm learning how to not be afraid of the little things people do that was an indicator of a seizure and how to sleep through the night. I was saddled with a heart condition due to the stress and it's slowly getting better!

Life has a strange way of working out - I don't know if it's the best possible outcome, but I'm really trying to take it one day at a time. I've also been able to take a few trips back home to Vancouver and be with my people, this is something that was impossible before.

With regards to my shop, I have lots of new products and packaging coming out, and I'm really excited about the releases I'm doing over the coming weeks.

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