What a busy couple of last months.



My husband reacted badly to the new anti-convulstant he was on, and wound up in the hospital with beginning stages of liver failure. This is a man that doesn't drink a sip of alcohol. He's better now, and is officially 3 weeks seizure free!

Additionally, we are going to have a roommate for the first time, she's moving out to Alberta from Vancouver, and is staying with us until she can get settled. That brings this small house to 3 people, 3 cats, and 2 dogs. Woof!



My soaps are now available in stores in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Halifax. I am working on getting them into stores in Ontario - hopefully by November!

I am making 200 bars of soap per day right now, as I gear up for the holiday season. My studio is teeming with supplies and I am keeping my posties busy. I will have box sets available November 1st.


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