November 2021

I'll start off by saying that my friend who moved in with me has moved back to BC. I've been back and forth so many times over the past few months with the moving - I'm about done with that drive for a long time. Especially driving boats and uhauls across those mountains.

At this point, it's just me and the husband in our house and it has been lonely. I don't know anyone out here yet... and then there's the pandemic. SO I have been working like a madwoman. I have thousands of soaps curing or cured, and I'm waiting for some orders for packaging to arrive so I can do my mass stock-up of body butters and salves. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be releasing about 15 more soaps, a new product line, and my limited edition holiday scents. To top that off, the holiday orders have started coming in - so I've been packing orders like crazy.

I love it. This is the time of the year that's the most important to businesses like mine - it's where we make the bulk of our yearly income to carry us through. For anyone reading this (does anyone read this?) and shopping Canadian where possible for their families this year - thank you! All of us micro businesses appreciate it so much.

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