When my husband had his first tonic clonic seizure, he was so mentally ill in the weeks proceeding that the doctors thought he had end stage meningitis. In the past year, he has had countless complex partial seizures. 

And then yesterday he had another tonic clonic. Where do we go from here? I don't know. We have to wait for the visit to his neurologist. We're on the wait list for 3 programs relating to epilepsy and brain injury. We don't know why they're happening, as he isn't epileptic. We're waiting for answers, waiting for solutions, waiting for help. 

I don't really have a purpose to this entry, I'm overtired and overthinking and overwhelmed. I'm so thankful the paramedics were able to respond quickly and help me, and that he came to me when it happened so I could help him when he fell. I'm thankful to all of my friends and family who are sharing this site to their networks, and who have reached out and called with their well-wishes. I'm beyond thankful that this time he didn't suffer a major concussion and that he's lucid.

I guess this is all to say that I am happy to have something to be thankful for, while the world is in turmoil and people are fighting for their lives. I hope everyone is safe and happy.




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