Coconut Milk Soap

Coconut Milk Soap

I want to stop being personal for a post, and talk about what is happening with the shop. Beyond my husband and our animals, this business is my whole life.

I am just about our of raw goat's milk, because our milk is from our family's farm and isn't powdered from the grocery store or a supplier. This means that my shop is transitioning to coconut milk soaps for the winter (goat's milk will be back in the spring). 

Why is this a good thing? Coconut milk is a natural, vegan fatty base for the soaps. They have fatty acids that make a lovely bar of soap (I'm making no claims, but this is easy to look up). I also add a bit more cocoa butter to these soaps, and they are SO good for our cold, dry winters. The soaps are also a bit harder, and they take on the botanical colourants really well.

I hope all of my customers get a chance to try some of the coconut milk soap. If you're not sure and want to try out a few, just purchase the "seconds bag" and request coconut milk soaps only at checkout!

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