Black Friday

Black Friday

I can't even describe how pumped I am for all the sales I've had over the past weekend, and it's not even BF. I started my Black Friday sale early, and am running it for a week and a half (until Nov 30th) with the code BLACKFRIDAY. 

It's almost my birthday, how in the hell did this year go by so quickly? Birthdays look a little different for me now. My husband doesn't have an income anymore because of his condition and brain injury, so presents don't happen; he also has a special diet so we avoid things like cake. 

My birthday reminds me of just how much of my life has been in a relationship with the guy - almost half. We got together when I was 19, and I'm turning 33. I have a lot of people tell me that most people wouldn't stay if their spouse became disabled like mine did, and that I'm a hero for what I do - this includes my husband, who thinks I'm an angel. That's always a bit shocking for me to hear, because I think if you love someone you help them. He continues to be the nicest person I've ever known, and he tries his best. He loves me almost as much as I love him, and I can't imagine doing anything but sticking by his side.

His postictal state after his grand mal seizures is very aggressive and violent; I have to call 911 because I can't handle him on my own (he's 6'2, I'm 5'3). I think back to 2 years ago, before this nightmare started, and I can't believe that this is what has happened. I never expected to live in Alberta, in fear of the next seizure that I know will happen. I never expected that I can't leave him at home alone, or that I'd have to find a job where I can be home 24/7. We're so very, very fortunate that I can work from home and that I found a niche. I can't imagine having to leave him every day, and worrying that I won't be home when he has a seizure. 

I guess my point is that holy shit, another year has passed. I am so pleased with how this little business is doing, and how wonderful my customers are. I get to chat with people all day, I've made friends out of customers (but like, actually), and I get to do what I love to do. I really never could have anticipated how life would have turned out, but I'm so grateful for the now. I own a house (!), the husband is safe in bed sleeping beside me, he's fully medicated, my army of dogs and cats are warm and fed, and I get to be creative in order to pay for all of it. 



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