2021 In A Nutshell

What an absolutely bonkers year; and it's only October.

I have moved rooms in my house, and now my studio is half of my basement... and I am moving more storage into one of our spare rooms. This is amazing, and I am so grateful to be this busy.

My husband still has seizures, however they are small. He hasn't had a large (tonic-clonic, or grand mal) seizure since March of this year. I didn't think we'd ever go this long without hospitals. He is currently in the middle of the testing portion to see if he's eligible for brain surgery.

I am continuing to expand my line, and I am so pleased with my upwards trajectory in terms of sales. I didn't expect my first 12 months to do so well, but I am so pleased to say that I am making a profit, after all of my expenses to get started. Even a small little business like this takes a lot of money to get started: molds, supplies, testing, shelving, printers, stove, packaging, etc. It ended up costing me a lot more than expected, and I am so happy that I've made it back.

Markets are of course, a no-go this year. I was hoping to do 1 big one at the Expo Centre, however it's since been cancelled. I am sincerely hoping that this holiday season is as good, if not better, than last year's. I have thousands of cured and curing soaps in anticipation.

That's about it, nothing else is new. Pretty much, I'm just working and still finding my groove. I am hoping to open up a little retail space in my small town next year, but I'll have to see how it goes in the new year!

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