Town Square Brewing x BCSC - Raw Goat's Milk Soap

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Handcrafted, scented with an essential oil blend of geranium and lemon, and filled with Town Square Brewing beer. Raw goat's milk soap, these bars are a large 6oz (170gm). 

It smells like a bright floral bouquet, great for morning and evening showers alike.

Why beer? Beer, like all alcohols and sugars, adds an extra dimension of bubbles to soaps. This beer in particular is a blue-purple from butterfly peas, and the colour of the soap pairs well. 

Why Town Square Brewing? They're a fantastic brewery local to Edmonton. They are always coming up with unique flavours that taste great. Plus - they have wicked packaging and they also do local delivery!

All of our soaps are handcrafted in our studio. The weight is approximate - it's usually more but could be slightly less due to the hand-cut nature of our soaps. 

Full ingredients: raw goat's milk, Town Square Brewing beer. Saponified oils of: sunflower, coconut, canola, olive, and cocoa butter. This particular soap is coloured with indigo and kaolin clay. Scented with geranium and lemon essential oils.

Our soaps are hand cut, and hand poured. As such, there may be slight defects on the soaps. They are still beautiful, and best of all - effective! These soaps produce a lovely, bubbly lather that is also very conditioning.

The photos represent a soap similar to the one you will receive. Our soaps are "naked packaged" with linen paper, we do not use plastic in our packaging and utilize recyclable materials wherever possible.