Solid Lotion // 2gm

Solid Lotion // 2gm

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Solid lotion is awesome, it warms up from the heat of your hands to melt off what you need. These teeny tiny cuties come packaged in an unbleached teabag. 

These lotion bars are made with all natural ingredients, and can feel a little greasy at first. This is due to the nature of the butters and oils, and doesn't last forever. These 2 gram tinies have about 5 uses, but useage rates can vary depending on the individual.

Full ingredients: coconut oil, Alberta beeswax*, cocoa butter, shea butter**, almond oil, essential oils***.


Tested on my grandmother, pregnant best friend, and mysef. Never tested on animals.


* - local product

** - organic

*** - essential oils are listed in the varient



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Kim M.
Canada Canada
Perfect hydration

The solid lotion is the perfect balance of super hydration needed for my dry hands and convenience of a solid form that's not too greasy.

Sheeraja S.
Canada Canada
Vanilla peppermint solid lotion

Not as huge of a fan of the vanilla peppermint scent as the orange vanilla is the BEST scent and has probably ruined all other scents for me! Nevertheless, these vanilla peppermint solid lotion is made out of the same wholesome ingredients as all the other solid lotions and does a lot of good in sealing the moisture in my hands and feet. Been using the solid lotion on my feet consistently everyday for a couple of weeks now and there are literally no cracks on the heels!

Sheeraja S.
Canada Canada
Orange vanilla solid lotion samples

Smells so good just like a chocolate orange! I used this on my cuticles and on my feet and I can definitely feel that my heels are getting a lot smoother! Just a single rub on my skin deposits the lotion onto my skin though I often can't help myself and keep rubbing more on since it smells and feels so great. I use the solid lotion in combination with moisturiser to help seal the moisture into my skin after I moisturise. It definitely does the job because I feel the protective layer of the solid lotion even hours later all the way to the next day!

Chantelle B.
Canada Canada
So convenient

Having a small amount of this product on the go is a lifesaver. I keep a tin in the diaper bag, on my nightstand, in the kitchen cupboards...

Tessa F.
Canada Canada

They are so handy!!! Super rich and lasts all day