Solid Lotion // 2 oz / 56 gm
Solid Lotion // 2 oz / 56 gm
Solid Lotion // 2 oz / 56 gm
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Solid Lotion // 2 oz / 56 gm

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Solid lotion is awesome, it warms up from the heat of your hands to melt off what you need. These big bars do not come in anything other than paper for the moment, due to supply issues with the metal tins.

These lotion bars are made with all natural ingredients, and can feel a little greasy at first. This is due to the nature of the butters and oils, and doesn't last forever. This 2 oz bar lasts me about 150 uses, but useage rates can vary depending on the individual.

Full ingredients: coconut oil, Alberta beeswax*, cocoa butter, shea butter**, almond oil, essential oils***.


Tested on my grandmother, pregnant best friend, and mysef. Never tested on animals.


* - local product

** - organic

*** - essential oils are listed in the varient



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Vanilla Solid lotion (Oops and Small)

Bought a couple of "Oops" vanilla solid lotions ( one of a slightly bigger size) and a mid-sized ones from April's store and genuinely got an absolute steal of a deal at their discounted price! The solid lotion are made of the most wholesome, nourishing ingredients that just feel so good on your skin and they smell so good- the scent lasts forever and makes an excellent perfume replacement! I've used the slightly bigger lotion so far and it's lasted me around 25 uses where I've generously applied the solid lotion over my entire body after my showers and not only does it feel good and smell good, but it absolutely protects my skin and keeps it moisturised for the next 24 hours+. April's solid lotions are the only way I know to avoid dry and itchy skin in Edmonton winters- the very first time I've discovered a solution in my 3 years here. Skipping out on these solid lotions means my dry, itchy skin and cracked heels will return, so I know that I will not go without this amazing product- especially during the dry winter months! Made of wholesome ingredients sourced locally, environmentally friendly, works and smells amazing too boot! What more could you want?

Tracy K.
Canada Canada
Solid Lotion

Another favourite of mine, this is so handy to have. It’s an awesome moisturizer and love the scent. Definitely a must to have

Chantelle B.
Canada Canada
Essential for Winter

A lifesaver for my eczema and dry skin all year round, but especially in the cold and dry winter months.

Debra D.
Canada Canada
Beautiful product!

The body butter is wonderful but the biggest surprise is the solid lotion, it is such a beautiful product, my hands feel so soft after using it.

Denise H.
Canada Canada
Great product.

A solid lotion in a bar! Yes please! Seriously awesome. I have sensitive skin & dry cracked hands. This lotion bar is perfect & works so well.